Show Reels

Family Man.Story of a Criminal gang 

Double or Quits story of a gambling Grandfather ruining his and his grandsons life

Projection. John needs to use another's body but retains the memories

Playing an M.P.'s Bodyguard

Kevin D. Stones
Show reel 
A collection of highlights taken from recent filming

Running Time: 3:10 min


Blood Bond is an 18+ trailer film.

A Gangland Boss AKA Kevin D Stones finds his fortune has been stolen and vents his anger eventually catching the culprits, two ex employees. Violence and venom are a way of life and death for drug dealers.Contains scenes of violence and strong language.

Year of Production : 2016  running time 5:00 min

R7 Production, Directed by Mike Ly & Tra Nguyen 

Her Anchor is a short emotional film, Kevin D Stones plays the Father of the Bride whose husband to be is killed on their wedding day.

Year of Production: 2016

British Raj in India, the village population were fighting and killing each other. As the Governor of the province I've called the headman to explain what is happening in his village. 

Guru was a Hindu Film shown at Hindu Festivals.

Kevin D. Stones
Professional Headshots
Running Time: 2:30 min

Sound check on set Guru Guru. not appreciated by the Director it was a bit too loud for the sound man..he didn't appreciate my attempt at the Master Song.

The Grim Reaper. From a Jay Croot Film.

'Guru Guru'. having a bit of fun with these ' make up' lads. On set in the city Palace.

Film by Dr Lenin Rajendran; Trivandrum Kerala India.

Year of Production: 2013

Same manic set Trivandrum India 2013

Dear Bullies, We Win.This is a short audition piece of an Old Guy opening up about having been bullied.


Devin was an industrial spy selling secrets internationally. Film still in production more to follow. 

An old Show reel mainly containing old TV appearances from Jim Davidson's Big Break on BBC, SKY TV Psychic School with Tony Stockwell. 

Best listened to with eyes closedWhat do I believe in?

A short monologue reading of strange thoughts. 

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