Show Reels

Kevin D. Stones Showreel 2 most recent films. 
A collection of highlights taken from recent filming

Family Man - Story of a Criminal gang and the tragic outcome

Projection - John needs to use another's body but retains the memories

Rebel Talk - Playing an M.P.'s Bodyguard

Double or Quits - story of a gambling Grandfather ruining his and his grandson's life


Blood Bond is an 18+ trailer film.

A Gangland Boss AKA Kevin D Stones finds his fortune has been stolen and vents his anger eventually catching the culprits, two ex employees. Violence and venom are a way of life and death for drug dealers.Contains scenes of violence and strong language.

Year of Production : 2016  running time 5:00 min

R7 Production, Directed by Mike Ly & Tra Nguyen 

Her Anchor is a short emotional film, Kevin D Stones plays the Father of the Bride whose husband to be is killed on their wedding day.

Year of Production: 2016