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Recent Films

Mockingbird - 2019

Mr Carter narcissistic Gas-lighting father to Prudence 

Writer & Director Paula Campos Coelho


Double or Quits- 2019

Bill a compulsive gambler is tearing apart the relationship with his grandson.

Ineffable Films. Director Miguel Martins. Producer Edward Thomas 

Family Man - 2019

Owen must find redemption after he is pulled back into crime and his family suffers for his choices.

Obi Film Productions. Director Jarod Parker


Lilies - 2018 in Festival

Strange old man on the stairs, those who cross him mysteriously die.

Director, Writer & Producer Nina Romain

Short Horror which won a number Laurels

The Wrong Day - 2018 in Festival

A strange clown turns up with a knife 'trick or treating' but then the home owner realises its the day after Halloween with blood curdling consequences.

Director, Writer & Producer Nina Romain

Short Horror which won Laurels


Projection - 2018

Elderly John pays a younger guy to take care of Johns girlfriend and retains the memories. Strange Sci-fi.

Director - Abdel Beladdes. Red Mist Films 


Only Shadows, - 2018

We are Machines music video. Post apocalyptic last human being on Earth.

Director Matthew Hoult. RAWR Films


The Life & Times of Holly Turner.- Post production 

Sheriff George Hawkins investigates murders of Black Afro Americans in Louisiana against Police corruption & KKK interference 

Sundance Film Festival Florida 2018 

Director - Richard Philips 

Hello Au Revoir - 2018

A unique and groundbreaking Feature film

Director, Writer, Producer, Jason Croot  

A Vessel in Time -2018

Old Man Nathan,When a reclusive amateur scientist projects himself 50 years into his past, he attempts to convince his uncooperative younger self to live a better life. 

Cannes Film Festival 

Director - Daisy Turvey

Blood Bond - 2016

Gang Boss and Drugs Baron his millions stolen by former employees finally vents his anger on them, 

Vietnamese Film Festival

Director - Mike Ly & Tra Nguyen

Dear Bullies, We Win  - Bullied Old Man after many years suppressing his inner feelings finally tearfully opens up.

Director - Bella Mc-Caty


A Greek Wedding  - Mykonos Registrar a Priest weds Brazilian model Ana Beatriz to Karim in a lavish ceremony attended by 1000 guests.

Director - Lanza & Baucina

Her Anchor - Julia's Father receives a phone call on his daughters wedding day, her husband to be has been killed in a car crash. She then can stand no more and takes her own life walking into the sea on her wedding day.

Director - Robert Green

Up & Coming Films
The Hawkhurst Gang, Richard Phillips Films 
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