Recent Films

Trauma - 2020       

Haunted by the aftermath of a horrific event this is one girls story

Writer Darren O'Hagan

Hurts Music Video - 2020  Director Tom Beard


Mockingbird - 2019

Mr Carter narcissistic Gas-lighting father to Prudence 

Writer & Director Paula Campos Coelho


Double or Quits- 2019

Bill a compulsive gambler is tearing apart the relationship with his grandson.

Ineffable Films. Director Miguel Martins. Producer Edward Thomas 

Family Man - 2019

Owen must find redemption after he is pulled back into crime and his family suffers for his choices.

Obi Film Productions. Director Jarod Parker


Lilies - 2018 in Festival   UPDATE BELOW

Strange old man on the stairs, those who cross him mysteriously die.

Director, Writer & Producer Nina Romain

Short Horror which won a number Laurels

The Wrong Day - 2018 in Festival UPDATE BELOW

A strange clown turns up with a knife 'trick or treating' but then the home owner realises its the day after Halloween with blood curdling consequences.

Director, Writer & Producer Nina Romain

Short Horror which won Laurels


Projection - 2018

Elderly John pays a younger guy to take care of Johns girlfriend and retains the memories. Strange Sci-fi.

Director - Abdel Beladdes. Red Mist Films 


Only Shadows, - 2018

We are Machines music video. Post apocalyptic last human being on Earth.

Director Matthew Hoult. RAWR Films


The Life & Times of Holly Turner.- Post production 

Sheriff George Hawkins investigates murders of Black Afro Americans in Louisiana against Police corruption & KKK interference 

Sundance Film Festival Florida 2018 

Director - Richard Philips 

Blood Bond - 2016

Gang Boss and Drugs Baron his millions stolen by former employees finally vents his anger on them, 

Vietnamese Film Festival

Director - Mike Ly & Tra Nguyen


A Greek Wedding  - Mykonos Registrar a Priest weds Brazilian model Ana Beatriz to Karim in a lavish ceremony attended by 1000 guests.

Director - Lanza & Baucina

Her Anchor - Julia's Father receives a phone call on his daughters wedding day, her husband to be has been killed in a car crash. She then can stand no more and takes her own life walking into the sea on her wedding day.

Director - Robert Green

STOP PRESS. Lilies & Wrong Day, These two Horror shorts filmed in Peckham, have produced numerous fantastic awards at various Festivals worldwide. including Mumbai. Montreal, L.A.. Oregon. What an amazing challenge to produce two award winning films over one night time shoot. The power of having a talented Nina Romain Directing and Team Work. Watch this Space for updates on new projects.

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